Tuesday, June 30, 2009

A walking we will go....

Started Daisy on her walking last night. I need to do it everyday for her to get back in shape. Its a great opportunity to work on ground work too. Walked down the road & back, she was really good, especially since this was the first time that I took her out by myself & had to work the gate by myself ( I usually have someone to tag along). She did have a few 'donkey' moments. Mostly when the grass was on 'my' side & she wanted to bowl me over to get to it. That didn't happen though LOL. I think she's finding that I'm just as determined as her sometimes.

She's on a strict diet right now, I actually weigh her hay rations so that she gets the right/same amount every day. She has plenty of fresh clean water & I just replaced her mineral block. I could not find the other one, so she must have actually licked it/ate it! there for awhile it didn't seem like she used it at all.

Then we walked around the pasture for about 5-10 minutes. Working on 'whoa' and 'back up'. She still doesn't quite understand back up, but by the last time I asked her - the wait time for her reaction was significantly shorter. So she's getting it.

After that she was tied & got every hoof picked out & then a liberal application of 'hoofmaker', which is like a lotion for her hooves. Hopefully we'll see an improvement on the moisture front on the feets. :)

I think maybe next time we go out, I'll take the quickpod & snap some pics.

My trimmer said that she'll look amazing once she looses those fat pads & sheds out. I can't wait. although she might still have some fat left after shedding - my trimmer estimated that it could take 9 months or so to get her back in shape. You have to remember that for the last two years she didn't get to move much!

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