Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Indian Bosal!

I inherited this indian bosal from my mom, I have never seen one quite like it. they make all kinds of indian bosal/bitless bridles these days, but I really like this one. Mostly because it's so simple. Someone really knew what they were doing when they made this one. All the rings are spliced into the rope!! so cool!!

So here is Daisy, being the excellent donk model that she is. She is so accepting of whatever I put on her & hasn't really been afraid of anything. This thing is super easy to adjust. I put it on her at the adjustment it already was, then adjusted it higher. Not sure where I'm actually going to use it just yet, I'll see how she responds to different places later.

very cool, definitly one of my favorite pieces of equipment now. It was also VERY easy to get on & off - remember the ears?? LOL

Saturday, August 15, 2009

pics from 'training' day

gotta have it least one hoof pic, front right.

grazing break during a training session.

Hosing off Daisy's hooves

As you can see, my donkey REALLY hates water LOL. she's terribly disturbed by this whole experience. LOL

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Daisy's driving harness!!

Today my BF bought Daisy a driving harness!! It was a used leather one, but still in good condition. we got a great deal on it!

Can't wait to try it on, but I'm gonna maybe wait til tomorrow, so she can have a break from her craziness yesterday.

even hit up a secondary tack sale at another stable & found a set of leather driving reins ( backups LOL) for $5!!!!


vaccine drama

Daisy had her shots yesterday, she was fine when I left about an hour afterwards. I came home around 5:45 to find she had bumps all over her chest - hives!! ( she also had slight swelling on her right side of her face, and the left side of her vulva was swollen! poor girl).

I immeditaly called the vet. they prescribed some banamine & told me to keep an eye on her & call her saturday morning if she did not improve. i checked on her at 8:30pm and her large lump on her shoulder was about the same , the injection site on the left side has went down a bit. But had quite a few more bumps on her chest, and now some on her rump.
she was a bit grumpy though!! being all nippy & pushy, she usually isn't like that. I guess it was her trying to take her discomfort out on me.

i checked on her @ 10pm and nothing really seemed to have changed. I called the vet again, they said it was a good sign that she wasn't lethargic and was eating, drinking & had solid manure. they also said if she was going to have a severe allergic reaction it would have happened by now. That made me feel a bit better. I decided at that time I would just keep an eye on her, if she got any worse I'd have the vet come out and give her a benadryl shot.

at midnight, it seemed to me that the hives were starting to go away, I couldn't really notice the large lump anymore. But i wasn't sure if it had gotten bigger & was just blending with the surrounding tissue, or if it had actually gone down. I felt better knowing they hadn't gotten WORSE. I felt good enough about it to go in & get some sleep.

6:45am saturday morning, her hives are gone! WOOO HOO!!!
so happy. her face swelling had gone down too. Hopefully things are back to normal. I'm still keeping and eye on her though.

all that really wore me out!! I love that donkey so much!!

hives @ 6:30pm (ish)



Friday, August 7, 2009

Daisy got her shots today!

I had the vet come out & vaccinate Daisy today. She got a 4-way shot & Rabies. She was really good & didn't really mind the poking and prodding. Although I think it helped that she was getting an ear rub :) She got a peppermint after each shot - she loved that! and was more concerned about when the next peppermint was coming rather than the shot!

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Walk 8.4.09

Last night Daisy was great on her walk, she got to walk past her first dog!! It was a corgi, so not a big overly excited dog. She seemed interested been was perfectly ok continuing on the walk. I let the girl walking the dog know that daisy hasn't walked past a dog yet & that I was just going to calmly walk by her. Just like you would with another dog.

She was great. Ever since we stopped in at my neighbors house, she always wants to stop there. Its kinda funny. Its like she's saying 'hey we went in there before, are we going now??'

she got to walk over her obstacle course on the way out & on the way back in, she did great. She got really excited on the first one and almost jumped over it, then veered off around the side. crazy donk. She got her feet cleaned out when we got back, she so good about it. She doesn't do the fast leg jerk thing like she had done a couple times with the trimmer. weird.

Her new bit came today, its a french link full cheek snaffle. I think she'll like it better than the D-ring snaffle. Full cheeks are great for beginning with a bit.

Monday, August 3, 2009

Hoof trimming 8.1.09

Daisy had her second trim this last weekend. She did great. She did get a little impatient at the end, but she was manageable. :)

She got peppermints for good behavior, which she LOVED!
starting to really get somewhere with the trimming. Last time the hardly took anything at all off the backs, this time they were able to really work on them. She even got some flare taken off the right hind - so much that the hoof almost looks normal! Its amazing.

she still has really dry feet - soaking with the hose was recommended.

here are some pics

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