Thursday, June 18, 2009

the flies have been driving Daisy nuts yesterday & today ( the heat maybe??), oh heck they're driving us nuts too! we had to put fly strips INSIDE the house. horrible huh?

So i ran outta fly spray, that stuff didn't work anyways, wont be buying that kind again. Bought a concentrate that will make a couple gallons, alot cheaper than the quart sized stuff. I mixed it up & sprayed her down nice & good.

I killed a HUGE fly on the patio - I'm sure those monsters have been out there harassing her too. I picked up an Arab sized fly mask, a bale of grass hay & the flyspray. The arab size mask was HUGE! I had to take it back. I damn near measured every mask smaller than that in the store. Oh the joy of trying to get fly masks back into their boxes. I bought two more & returned the arab sized one. I got two pony sized masks - each in a different brand. the cheaper brand fit her the best. As you can see it's not a perfect fit, but anything to keep those flies off of her face.

She actually rubbed a raw spot under her eyes becuase they were bothering her so much. So i knew i had to get a mask on her ASAP. I wiped her eyes with a damp cloth to clean them up a bit. And put her mask on. I think she could really care less. LOL

She has cool 'shades' now that keep the flies off of her, keeps the sun out a bit & keeps dirt & other crud out.

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