Monday, June 29, 2009

Hoof Trimming, Session 1

Daisy got trimmed this last Saturday. Overall she did a fantastic job. She only had a little tiff with the trimmer one time, and he was just cleaning her foot, not trimming yet!! LOL.

They did abrasive trimming on her, which is basically like an angle grinder. She was so good about all the noise, she didn't move at all.

her back feet are weird, they showed pink spots very quickly, he had hardly started on them. So we decided to stop & get some more advice on it & just wait for the next trim. She also has some flaring on the back feet, but really only on the inside, which is just weird. We're waiting to find out if maybe she foundered at one time, or is it just because she hadn't been trimmed since last fall. Also you have to add in that in her previous living situation she couldn't move much. Not good for foot health.

I'm hoping its the latter. I'm starting to take her on walks to work down her fat pads, my trimmer said that she does have significant fat pads & it might take 9 months or so to get them worked off. So walks it is, maybe some driving, or obstacle courses around the pasture.

She will definitely need multiple trimmings before her feet are right. She also moves well & doesn't indicate that she's in pain at all, and she doesn't lay down frequently.
They also said her hooves were fairly dry, so i need moisturize them a bit. I hosed her feet down that day, then went and picked up some 'hoofmaker' creme.

Here are some 'after pics'

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