Sunday, December 5, 2010

Daisy Slow Motion Video!

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Martha comes home from Erika's

Donkey Paddock Paradise update

the donk-a-hay hay paddock paradise has been up for about 3 weeks. Wanted to share some pics of the 'wear & tear' so far.... we have had lots of rain so I'm surprised it's not muddier!!

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Friday, November 5, 2010


Sunday, October 31, 2010

Daisy goes for a ride

I took Daisy out today, first time without my BF going along. so our first independent ride together!!
Here are some pics, overall she did great.

I have some problem areas to work on - first - her breeching moving around, I think my neighbor startled her a bit when she touched her breeching to show her daughter. So I need to saddle her up and move that thing around so she doesn't get caught off guard again. 2nd, pay attention to where my fingers are if I give her pellets from the saddle!! she made me bleed, it's not her fault, I was talking to to my neighbor and not paying attention and she got me.
3rd - asphalt with lines is not scary. she turned to jello after walking 12 steps or so onto the neighbor's 'parking' lot.

SO on to the fun stuff, pics!! It's very difficult to photograph from the saddle!!

Sporting her new saddle pad!


She also met some garbage cans, mailboxes and got passed by 5 cars. She did great!

Daisy's new saddle pad!!

Made Daisy an aussie saddle pad yesterday!!! I'll have some construction pics on my blog ( on my website soon)

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Some pics of Jak jak!

Got some cute pics of Jak jak this morning...

sharing his breakfast with the chickens

Monday, October 11, 2010

Hauling Ass!!

Yesterday we hauled the girls up to my trimmer's place about 20 minutes away.  This is the second time Martha has been in the trailer. Fed her in it twice ( she didn't get in) and then did some clicker training on Saturday night. She was not afraid of the trailer at all, but wasn't about to get in. Daisy had been hopping in and out of the thing since Friday night LOL.

Daisy & Jak jak are going to LEf this next weekend, so we didn't want to leave Martha by herself, thus getting her hauled. Sunday was the day we actually hauled, we decided to load Martha first since we didn't know how long it would take. It ended up being about 15 minutes before she got in. we didn't use butt ropes, or a whip, or panels to squish her in, nothing. I just tied her lead inside the trailer so she had the choice of standing at the door way or getting in.( couldn't walk away or her rope would get tight) she eventually got tired of standing there and realized we weren't gonna do anything for her LOL so she just hopped in! She got rewarded for getting in with some sweet feed ( she's never had it before!!).

We then loaded Daisy, double check everything and were off!

Martha self loading

We unloaded both girls up at E's place, and let them meet her boys, there's was lots of running, trotting, sniffing and some kicking LOL!! Daisy was very independent and Martha was stuck to her butt the whole time.

 Martha & Daisy check out the new digs

Colby following Martha & Daisy

Martha tells Colby  'No you can't sniff me!'

Paco the donkey says hi to me and the camera

We let them hang out for about an hour and half, we then loaded Jak who hops right into the trailer YAY, and Daisy. 

then we were on our way back!
Hauling ASS!

Got home and Unloaded Daisy and Jak jak, Daisy had to remind him that this is HER home! Jak jak is pretty laid back and just said 'ok, whatever, I'll just go over here'

E got home and told me that Martha was not upset, in fact her and Colby were now REALLY good friends
(wink wink lol)

Jak jak checks out the pasture

During the ride home, Daisy had mashed her butt up against the very front of the trailer to brace her self, she rode that way home pretty much all the way!!  She has three pretty nice bald spots, one of them looked a bit raw, there's a spot up there where she got her butt in just the right way that it rubbed her raw. So now she's walking around with yellow spots on her butt from the spray on donkey neosporin LOL

Jak jak and Daisy hanging out together today

Monday, September 27, 2010

Helping Jak jak

This is Jak jak, he's the most recent Hithger rescue. Shortly after acquiring him it was discovered that he had chemical burns on his penis. I know you're thinking 'how the heck' or 'are you sure' , ya, whatever it is, it needs help to heal. He's been on antibiotics for some time now.

I had mentioned to his foster home that I had an idea for a 'fly mask' but really it's a 'cod piece' LOL!!
something to help keep that whole area cleaner and keep the flies off of it!!

So with my limited supplies that I have on hand, I constructed Jak jak the first ever donkey cod piece!
I already have plans to make another one, I need to get creative with what i have on hand, as I am not in a position to purchase more supplies. Although if anyone would like to donate or send supplies please leave a comment or contact me through the blog.

Some of the things I'll be needing are:
1.5" rings
1" D rings
1" heavy elastic
1" strapping - any kind - cotton, poly pro or nylon

Ok, so I know this looks soooo ridiculous, but it's doing it's job, keeping the flies off of his sheath area. and YES he can urinate LOL the material is Phirtex+ that I accidentally bought for fly masks, but the weave is too tight for the 'eye' area. I'm happy I ended up keeping it.

Jak jak did not seem to mind, he even seemed calmer, not as much stomping and swishing while wearing it.
I'm fabricating  a whole body fly sheet for him and the listed supplies will also help get that in the works. Right now I'm 'recycling' hardware since I've used the last bit of bigger stuff on Jak's cod piece.

Jak jak's protective cod piece before I trimmed the straps

Just got an update that Jack jack managed to itch himself bloody overnight ( the cod piece is removed - night time, less flies!)

so now I have been requested to make a donkey neck cradle!
because obviously horse size would not fit him!
So now we have to prevent the flies and HIM to from doing damage. This all just needs to heal! ACK!

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Daisy's britchen is done!! WOO!!

Finally finished Daisy's britchen, or breeching!! I think it turned out awesome!!

Friday, September 24, 2010

Hoof cleaning, all of the time

After the girl's trim the other day my trimmer informed me that they're a little thrushy!!
in the middle of summer!?! ( actually the end now)

I take full responsibility, I had not been cleaning their feet enough.
So now they get their feet cleaned everyday, just like they're supposed too!!

I read someplace the best thing for thrush is a hoofpick!! and man what a difference of keeping their hooves clean has made!

I still went ahead & got some thrush treatment. I decided to go with 'no thrush' made by a farm in California. I don't like the idea of putting super caustic chemicals on the girls, ( I always try got keep everything to a minimum like fly sprays etc. - but with Daisy's front legs being eaten alive I have to apply it, until i make fly boots!)No thrush is a dry treatment, made of natural compounds.

I recieved my 'no thrush' yesterday and got it applied, this stuff does really 'sucks up the yuck'!! before I even put the foot down I could see it being absorbed into the thrushy areas.

IF you wanna check out no thrush I'll post a link - also it was in this month's Western Horsemen magazine, I thought that was cool

The girls don't have much thrush, each have a little spot on about 2 hooves, but I need to make sure it gets taken care of. They don't really like me cleaning it out either, but each day I get more & more out. so eventually we'll get there.

Also my other plan of attack has been to keep their pasture spotless! And I have!
in an earlier post i posted about how clean their pen was, it's still like that! I clean their pen twice a day, especially right after I clean feet. That was the only wet thing in their pasture that has been causing their thrush! POOP! they find the one pile & go step in it!

so somehow, amazingly, i get up ( yes in my pajama's!! LOL) and feed, then pick up all the poop in the morning -yes you heard right, BEFORE COFFEE!!

then in the evening I clean feet, pick up poop, then feed again.

I've been experimenting with their feeding situation ( while the weather is still good), I've been placing their hay in little teeny tiny piles all over the pasture ( I weigh both rations together). That way it's a big hay easter egg hunt. they nibble on a pile, walk to he next, nibble, walk. Almost like real grazing!! LOL

This morning Daisy tried to mob me while i was distributing the piles, i wasn't having it!!
she got nothing! Little brat, I made it clear to her she is not allowed to come up and bully me while I'm putting out hay. Martha is respectful and just waits for a pile to be dropped and starts eating, no bullying.

I have plans to do a pasture paradise setup in the pasture this winter, so when spring grasses come they can't have access to ALL of it all of the time. I believe this is what made martha a little chubby - also i shouldve fed less during those months.

I imagine when it rains I'll have to set up some slow feeders in the shelter. But for now this is working out well.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Britchen Progress!!

I'm about 75% Done!! WOO HOO!!

I'm halfway done with the first cinch tug, and have to braid the other one and then that's it!
This is quite the project! I love how it's turning out, I love that it's gonna be super adjustable and strong!!

Keep track of your donkey's health records with this free form!

Found this today, and it's great for anyone who is looking for an easy way to keep track of your equine's health records!

I personally made a spreadsheet for Daisy & Martha :)

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