Monday, October 11, 2010

Hauling Ass!!

Yesterday we hauled the girls up to my trimmer's place about 20 minutes away.  This is the second time Martha has been in the trailer. Fed her in it twice ( she didn't get in) and then did some clicker training on Saturday night. She was not afraid of the trailer at all, but wasn't about to get in. Daisy had been hopping in and out of the thing since Friday night LOL.

Daisy & Jak jak are going to LEf this next weekend, so we didn't want to leave Martha by herself, thus getting her hauled. Sunday was the day we actually hauled, we decided to load Martha first since we didn't know how long it would take. It ended up being about 15 minutes before she got in. we didn't use butt ropes, or a whip, or panels to squish her in, nothing. I just tied her lead inside the trailer so she had the choice of standing at the door way or getting in.( couldn't walk away or her rope would get tight) she eventually got tired of standing there and realized we weren't gonna do anything for her LOL so she just hopped in! She got rewarded for getting in with some sweet feed ( she's never had it before!!).

We then loaded Daisy, double check everything and were off!

Martha self loading

We unloaded both girls up at E's place, and let them meet her boys, there's was lots of running, trotting, sniffing and some kicking LOL!! Daisy was very independent and Martha was stuck to her butt the whole time.

 Martha & Daisy check out the new digs

Colby following Martha & Daisy

Martha tells Colby  'No you can't sniff me!'

Paco the donkey says hi to me and the camera

We let them hang out for about an hour and half, we then loaded Jak who hops right into the trailer YAY, and Daisy. 

then we were on our way back!
Hauling ASS!

Got home and Unloaded Daisy and Jak jak, Daisy had to remind him that this is HER home! Jak jak is pretty laid back and just said 'ok, whatever, I'll just go over here'

E got home and told me that Martha was not upset, in fact her and Colby were now REALLY good friends
(wink wink lol)

Jak jak checks out the pasture

During the ride home, Daisy had mashed her butt up against the very front of the trailer to brace her self, she rode that way home pretty much all the way!!  She has three pretty nice bald spots, one of them looked a bit raw, there's a spot up there where she got her butt in just the right way that it rubbed her raw. So now she's walking around with yellow spots on her butt from the spray on donkey neosporin LOL

Jak jak and Daisy hanging out together today

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