Monday, September 27, 2010

Helping Jak jak

This is Jak jak, he's the most recent Hithger rescue. Shortly after acquiring him it was discovered that he had chemical burns on his penis. I know you're thinking 'how the heck' or 'are you sure' , ya, whatever it is, it needs help to heal. He's been on antibiotics for some time now.

I had mentioned to his foster home that I had an idea for a 'fly mask' but really it's a 'cod piece' LOL!!
something to help keep that whole area cleaner and keep the flies off of it!!

So with my limited supplies that I have on hand, I constructed Jak jak the first ever donkey cod piece!
I already have plans to make another one, I need to get creative with what i have on hand, as I am not in a position to purchase more supplies. Although if anyone would like to donate or send supplies please leave a comment or contact me through the blog.

Some of the things I'll be needing are:
1.5" rings
1" D rings
1" heavy elastic
1" strapping - any kind - cotton, poly pro or nylon

Ok, so I know this looks soooo ridiculous, but it's doing it's job, keeping the flies off of his sheath area. and YES he can urinate LOL the material is Phirtex+ that I accidentally bought for fly masks, but the weave is too tight for the 'eye' area. I'm happy I ended up keeping it.

Jak jak did not seem to mind, he even seemed calmer, not as much stomping and swishing while wearing it.
I'm fabricating  a whole body fly sheet for him and the listed supplies will also help get that in the works. Right now I'm 'recycling' hardware since I've used the last bit of bigger stuff on Jak's cod piece.

Jak jak's protective cod piece before I trimmed the straps

Just got an update that Jack jack managed to itch himself bloody overnight ( the cod piece is removed - night time, less flies!)

so now I have been requested to make a donkey neck cradle!
because obviously horse size would not fit him!
So now we have to prevent the flies and HIM to from doing damage. This all just needs to heal! ACK!

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