Sunday, October 31, 2010

Daisy goes for a ride

I took Daisy out today, first time without my BF going along. so our first independent ride together!!
Here are some pics, overall she did great.

I have some problem areas to work on - first - her breeching moving around, I think my neighbor startled her a bit when she touched her breeching to show her daughter. So I need to saddle her up and move that thing around so she doesn't get caught off guard again. 2nd, pay attention to where my fingers are if I give her pellets from the saddle!! she made me bleed, it's not her fault, I was talking to to my neighbor and not paying attention and she got me.
3rd - asphalt with lines is not scary. she turned to jello after walking 12 steps or so onto the neighbor's 'parking' lot.

SO on to the fun stuff, pics!! It's very difficult to photograph from the saddle!!

Sporting her new saddle pad!


She also met some garbage cans, mailboxes and got passed by 5 cars. She did great!

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