Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Driving Daisy & Martha

today I did a quick session with Daisy because the weather was freaking fantastic!! it wasn't hot, and it was breezy!! so i had to take advantage of it!

Last time I drove Daisy she did pretty well, but it was SLOW!
this time she knew what i wanted - other than the fact that mid tacking she decided to walk back to the shelter and I spent about ten minutes trying to navigate her back out the pasture, I think she eventually figured out that I wansn't giving up until we got out there!

Once we were out there, she did great! walking off nice, did some whoas, and was OK at turning, she doesn't like going right, the little brat. I even got her to pick up the pace a bit!!

I think she thought we were going down the road, she kept heading towards the gate!

Then i threw everything on Martha, it was her first time ever.  I had some major donkey glue, then when she did decided to walk off it was more like run as if monsters were chasing her!!

So i'm doing some research on how to help her understand what I want. I may have to bring the clicker out, or have a helper. Also right now I only have a crop and not a driving or 'gig' whip.

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