Saturday, July 31, 2010

First Unassisted ride in the Aussie Saddle

I got Daisy a new saddle cuz I didn't think her paso saddle fit her very well. So I got her a synthetic endurance aussie from Down Under Saddle Supply. It's light weight, I love it!! I had to make some mods so that it could fit her. This saddle has a single flap, rather than a double flap so, I had to pull the billets out and put more holes in them so I could cinch her up tight. Thankfully everything worked out & it seems to fit her well.

So here's some pics of us riding around the pasture - the nice & dead pasture LOL. She did really well for not having someone else on the ground to follow.

This saddle doesn't have a crupper bar, so i had to use an old dog collar I braided to make a strap to attatch the crupper

what I love about this saddle:
-fits better than any other saddle I've tried
-can be adjusted by down under saddle supply!!
-easy care synthetic! yay!
-fits me great
-doesn't looks to gigantic on daisy, looks nice & clean
-lots of rings/dees to attach things too!
-it was the perfect price to someone like me.
-company had great customer service!!

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