Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Walk 8.4.09

Last night Daisy was great on her walk, she got to walk past her first dog!! It was a corgi, so not a big overly excited dog. She seemed interested been was perfectly ok continuing on the walk. I let the girl walking the dog know that daisy hasn't walked past a dog yet & that I was just going to calmly walk by her. Just like you would with another dog.

She was great. Ever since we stopped in at my neighbors house, she always wants to stop there. Its kinda funny. Its like she's saying 'hey we went in there before, are we going now??'

she got to walk over her obstacle course on the way out & on the way back in, she did great. She got really excited on the first one and almost jumped over it, then veered off around the side. crazy donk. She got her feet cleaned out when we got back, she so good about it. She doesn't do the fast leg jerk thing like she had done a couple times with the trimmer. weird.

Her new bit came today, its a french link full cheek snaffle. I think she'll like it better than the D-ring snaffle. Full cheeks are great for beginning with a bit.

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