Saturday, August 8, 2009

vaccine drama

Daisy had her shots yesterday, she was fine when I left about an hour afterwards. I came home around 5:45 to find she had bumps all over her chest - hives!! ( she also had slight swelling on her right side of her face, and the left side of her vulva was swollen! poor girl).

I immeditaly called the vet. they prescribed some banamine & told me to keep an eye on her & call her saturday morning if she did not improve. i checked on her at 8:30pm and her large lump on her shoulder was about the same , the injection site on the left side has went down a bit. But had quite a few more bumps on her chest, and now some on her rump.
she was a bit grumpy though!! being all nippy & pushy, she usually isn't like that. I guess it was her trying to take her discomfort out on me.

i checked on her @ 10pm and nothing really seemed to have changed. I called the vet again, they said it was a good sign that she wasn't lethargic and was eating, drinking & had solid manure. they also said if she was going to have a severe allergic reaction it would have happened by now. That made me feel a bit better. I decided at that time I would just keep an eye on her, if she got any worse I'd have the vet come out and give her a benadryl shot.

at midnight, it seemed to me that the hives were starting to go away, I couldn't really notice the large lump anymore. But i wasn't sure if it had gotten bigger & was just blending with the surrounding tissue, or if it had actually gone down. I felt better knowing they hadn't gotten WORSE. I felt good enough about it to go in & get some sleep.

6:45am saturday morning, her hives are gone! WOOO HOO!!!
so happy. her face swelling had gone down too. Hopefully things are back to normal. I'm still keeping and eye on her though.

all that really wore me out!! I love that donkey so much!!

hives @ 6:30pm (ish)



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