Saturday, October 31, 2009

Daisy has a buddy!!

This is Martha!
she came from a local lady, right now she's on a trial basis to see how well she fits with Daisy.

some background, that I know, her parents are BLM burros, she came to live with the lady about a year ago, they think she is about 4 years old now. She was pretty much wild when the lady got her. She's really only halter broke her. I believe she said that her feet had been handled a little bit.

Pretty wore out from today, so you get pics, you'll get the detailed 'hauling' details later :)

so far, they're working it out :)

**update** ( more details )
So we went & picked up miss Martha Saturday morning. Had a hellva time getting her in the trailer, but managed. LOL. She got a peppermint once she was in :) She did great walking to the pasture, walked her around a bit, then she brayed. LOL. and Daisy brayed back! it was the longest bray ever!! Walked Martha around some more, I was trying to show her a particular section of the fence but she was almost in sight of Daisy and when she was I almost went skiing LOL. I hollered to my BF 'here we come!!' and to be a 'gate' LOL cuz the way our property is set up - the gate was holding Daisy in the small pen. Martha got to the gate & the sniffed. Daisy was hooting and hollering and rearing & trying to sniff all at the same time.

after a bit my BF walked Martha back to the other end of the pasture, then hollered to let Daisy loose. Daisy hung out next to me a bit, then here came Martha down the alleyway! They both were in the pen & Daisy was acting all crazy ( not really though, as you can see by the video). So everything went smoother than expected and they were both soon grazing in the pasture. Feeding time the first night was interesting, but this morning it was much better.

My trimmer came out to see how things were going ( she's fantastic trimmer and donk person btw ) She let me know what was to be expected out in the pasture. Daisy isn't allowed to bully or be crazy donk while the humans are out there. After a couple of 're-directions' she got the point. We spent alot of time out there this morning with both of them. My trimmer actually got to pet Martha quite a bit, we pretty much consider her still 'wild' because of the way she acts, unsure of humans. that quickly changed, soon she was stepping towards my trimmer and my best friend who was also out there. Realizing that humans were awesome for getting those 'itchy' spots. My trimmer actually got to the point where she could scratch Martha's tail, I thought that was really awesome. she attempted to see how she is with her feet, and she's def gonna need some work there. But her overall attitude is great, very thoughtful & respectful of our space. My trimmer thinks its a good match, with Martha being not as head strong as Daisy but being a more 'stable' and 'sane' donk than Daisy.

the only way I could describe Daisy's behavior is that of a spoiled only child LOL!! I found myself leaning towards Martha's 'side' and telling Daisy she just needed to 'get over herself'. I have noticed a change in Daisy this morning as far as her love for attention - a week ago she had that 'ugh it's you' attitude, now she's back to the 'oh mom, hold my head and scratch my ears' attitude.

they both had lots of scratching and visitors today. I'm really impressed with Martha's acceptance to humans compared to yesterday. I think things are going to work out well. Already they're standing closer together, and the 'I'm gonna get you' behavior is decreasing. Daisy kept trying to approach Martha from behind previously ( like a male, which martha would say 'none of it!'), and now she's starting to approach her face & say 'hi'.

I thought it was funny that they haven't brayed at all, except when Martha first got there. I even warned my neighbors that it might be 'loud' for awhile, but we've had the exact opposite.

So far Martha has landed one kick to Daisy. LOL or so we think, all I heard was the 'THWACK!' Daisy is really under socialized, and I think this is going to be so good for her. I think its also exciting to have a new & different donk that has the complete opposite mentality as Daisy - which means sane & normal donk LOL

so all is good right now, my best friend & I went out this afternoon and lazed around with the donks in the warm weather. I think in no time they will be best buds. so now for the pics!! WOOO HOOO!!

and a vid of the first meeting

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