Friday, September 18, 2009


I let Daisy out to graze for breakfast, that way when I put her up I could clean her feet without her being anxious about food.

She did pretty good this morning, there was a small rodeo on the front left foot. I've started using an old denture brush ( great for cleaning just about anything!) to help clean her hooves, pick a little, the brush them out. i think I need to invest in one of those hoof picks with the brush built in! Instead of fumbling with multiple tools.

Overall she was good, she got some breaks because the chickens kept coming over thinking I was dishing out something tasty.

she did seem a bit iffy when I started to really get in there, but then I was using the brush & my fingernails. Maybe she just hates the hoof pick LOL

I think it's getting better the more I do it, no more 'non-cleaning' vacations again! No kicking out this morning either, which made me very happy.

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