Saturday, September 26, 2009

Expansion, pasture :)

Today we worked on setting up the pasture for Daisy. In the evenings she gets turned out, but we have to keep an eye on her since she has access to alot of stuff. Like the other evening she tried to hijack a Heineken bottle from the recycle bin on the porch!

but the last couple evenings she's put herself up in her pen! its so awesome. Today though she started right in on braying & starting to paw when she realized we were still at the house & not at work. so out she came, she just cruised the property all day until about 3PM, grazing, napping, grazing, napping.

she even did the coolest thing ever! she walked over to where i have a donkey poo compost pile in the corner, backed her butt up to it & topped it off!! I love that they have their 'poo' spots. so she saved me one less pile to scoop!!

She also kept following me around chasing the wagon full of fence supplies & tools. I caught her playing with the bag of zip ties & flinging my box of insulators LOL. It was a chore to keep her outta my stuff!

so 1/3 of the hot wire on the perimeter fence is poly rope ( recycled from a year ago), then I ran outta that so the rest had to be the old fashioned metal wire. Not really too worried about her hurting herself on that stuff since its just at the top of a physical fence. Just enough to keep her from climbing over ( yes she has climbed 4' tall horse fence successfully~!). I put on tons of streamer things so she can see it easily. Installed all the horseguard insulators on the t posts. Those things are awesome, made very well!! The horseguard fence is going to be the separating fence to keep her outta the backyard. right now I'm only doing two strands, eventually going to put up one more so it keeps the dogs out too.

the other modification is that the spot on the shed where she made her 'window' is now going to be a doorway. Seems fitting since she chewed off about half of the siding. So the rest of the remaining siding came off, then we dug holes to put concrete with anchors for the supports we're going to install. Not sure if it actually needs it, but I'd rather have them than not.

set both anchors, and set the post for the new gate. Its actually going to be pretty cool, when she's allowed out ( pretty much ALL the time) the gate will be in the 'closed' position, meaning she can't get into the back yard. When we need to pen her up - the gate will swing inwards to close off the new doorway on the shed!! so rather than have two gates we have one that does both jobs!

here are some fun pics of Daisy today.

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