Sunday, January 23, 2011

Donkey Grooming

The Weather has been fantastic, I was busy earlier today, but still got a chance to go out and tie the donks and give a quick brush and clean their front feet. I've been working with Daisy, she's been really iffy bout her back feet, so right  now I'm just picking them up and rewarding her for good behavior, I think next time I will clean them out. She just gets so tense, so I've been going back to basics with her.

Loved brushing Rocky - after he got over the brush LOL, he wasn't sure what to make of it at first. He stood there like a statue while i gave a him a quick groom. I cleaned his front feet with no issues, I'm going to wait til he gets used to me a bit before i try the back. I know he's sticky on his left hind, which I believe is the same side Daisy is sticky on. We'll get there pretty soon. I just want him to know I'm his friend and I won't hurt him.

He also got to see the manure fork and wheel barrow, he wasn't too sure about all that, but he didn't bolt or anything crazy.  I love that it's dry out and I can get back to my daily poo cleanings, I hate when it's rainy and it's soggy out.

Here's pics from today!! (feeding was uneventful again lol)

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