Saturday, May 1, 2010

Driving Miss Daisy!!

 I was little anxious to try on her harness I bought last year ( dirt cheap @ a tack sale, but I didn't know if it'd fit!)

Well it did!! Very well in fact, I only had it on the second hole on the girth. I took the crupper off for now, I thought the breeching would be sufficient for a jaunt around the pasture. I'm not really sure if I had everything rigged up right or not, but it stayed on & nothing was flapping about, so I figured I was good to go!!

the clicker training with Daisy is working wonders with standing still. I got her all tacked up no problem, no fussing or pawing like usual. Its like she stands there is constant wait for 'gimme a click, gimme a click, i haven't moved a muscle!'

So I think it went pretty well!!
I asked her to go forward, we went backwards for quite awhile!! but that first step forward C/T. kept working on it & by the end I had her walking a good 50'!! threw in some turns, she did well with those, at first she though they meant stop. But soon figured out I wanted her to keep going forward but in a different direction. I got some video, I still have to go through it and see if anything turned out. Overall I thought it was a great first driving lesson for her & ME!! LOL the only animal I've driven was Ashley.
So here's the pics!! yay.

oh ya, I also introduced the saddle blanket to Martha ( she was braying her head off the whole time I was working with Daisy, and Daisy could care less being away from her) she did really well on one side, then I switched to the other side, but stupid me I skipped steps. Then she was terrified of it for about 5 minutes. At the end she was ok to have it thrown on her back from both sides, I made sure to end on a good note for both of the girl's training sesh.

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