Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Multi tasking with two donks, interesting LOL

So tonight on a whim I decide I need to clean Daisy's feet. Its been awhile and it's been bothering me. I'd say it's been almost a week!!

so I get Martha haltered first, went ok, she let me do it, but she's not totally relaxed yet. Usually to her halter means 'something is going to happen' Slow going getting her to the stall. I tried to advantage of a moment where daisy was in the main pasture so she wouldn't follow us etc. Of course she came down eventually since it was slow going with Martha. Got Martha in the stall. Now i need to close the gate, but its also the gate that goes to the 'outside' world. So I'm using my body language, including my foot, to persuade Martha to stay in the small pen. Then I have to close the gate whle keeping Daisy in the big pen and Martha in the small pen.

Got them all situated, tied Daisy. Martha seemed a bit worried - sticking her head through the fence etc. So i threw her a chunk of hay, which worked. So by now its really starting to get dark. I get Daisy's front feed cleaned pretty easily. The backs were iffy. Of course the gelding is standing right on the other side of the fence playing with Daisy's lead rope. she did kinda freak out and kick a bit, but I just picked it right back up. Didn't get them cleaned but I made her hold them up for me. good enough, now I can barely see its so dark.

Managed to get everyone released and un-haltered with no pissy fits from Daisy and no one escaping. I think that's pretty stinking good for tonight. Good experience for Martha to understand being haltered doesn't necessarily mean you're going to be loaded into a trailer. And that its ok for her to be closed off from Daisy ( but she could still see her).

So I need to get another gate or possibly a stall guard for when I need them separated. Might just make a super simple half gate for seperation purposes. This weekend I plan to get Daisy's feet nice and clean. I need to start doing it at lunch.

i can't wait for the day where I can have one tied and the other one can hang out. If that's possible. Or I just need a hitching post outside the pen. Especially one with LIGHTS! That would be so rad.

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