Friday, July 31, 2009

Daisy loves garbage cans

tonight on our walk with Daisy, my BF picked up a garbage can from my dad's house. When he first grabbed it Daisy was a bit startled, but did the slight 'jump in place' thing, then she was immediately interested in it. I suggested maybe he walk in front with it - i figured walking behind might freak her out. So he starts walking, i waited a second so he could get a head start. I circled Daisy around & she immediately wanted to go after the garbage can!! It was so funny, she had her front lip hanging over the lower & it was 'tense' looking. LOL. I almost thought she was going to jump on top of it!! it was pretty hilarious, she was walking behind it trying to get her head over it ( thats what it looked like any how). Steve stopped & we let her sniff it some more. by that time we were home, so i brought her in the yard. I couldn't believe how interested in she was!!

another really neat thing is that we were walking past a side street/driveway and she was really interested in that direction. So I let her look a bit, then a little while later I saw a car coming down the road. She heard it & it was neat to see her almost say 'something's coming!'

she did it again when we stopped by the neighbors house, she didn't want to go out to the road yet & kept looking down the road in the direction we were just coming from - another car! Smart donk.

she was very good, she doesn't try to veer off to eat grass that much anymore - I'm try to teach her walking is for walking - its our 'work' time, not eating time. She was walking pretty brisk tonight, more so than our last walk.

Every once in awhile she'll try the whole - raise her head and try to push me off to the side, and I just tell her 'we're not doing that' and redirect her. then she stops. she'll do that whole thing maybe once every walk. Always testing LOL.

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